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Step 1: Useless normal washing. Take a bottle of vinegar. Heat the glass of vinegar using microwaves or what you wish Careful, use a cloth if the glass is to warm. now use a an old toothbrush you don't need any more, dip it in the warm vinegar start to scrub the gum stain area.
Step by step instructions forchewing gum stain removal from clothes, upholstery, carpet, hair, shoes, and your dryer. The ultimate resource for removing gum?...
How to Remove Gum from Clothes. Yuck, you've got gum all over your clothes! ... The label remover should clean easily from clothes or fabric, but if you're?...
The first thing to do is apply something cold. You can remove chewing gum more easily when it's frozen, so stick your garment in the freezer or hold an ice cube onto it for 30 seconds or more. Once the gum is hard, just peel it off by hand.
This is a guide about removing gum stains from clothing. Gum stains on clothing are particularly stubborn. You can scrape off some, but it's tough to get it all.
Chewing gum stains can mean a lot of cleaning. Learn stain removal tips to remove chewing gum stains, treat spots, and scrape stains.
If you have chewing gum stuck to your clothes, don't worry. ... Up next. You'll Never Believe this Amazing ...
Chewing gum can be tricky to remove when it dries onto clothes! But don't worry ? read on to find out how to get rid of gum stains quickly & easily!
Nov 22, 2010 - Chewing gum stain removal methods. How to remove gum stains from clothing and household surfaces.
With the right tricks, removing chewing gum from fabric can actually be very easy! Read on for 3 great tips on how to get chewing gum out of clothes.